fantasy draft recap: The Wizard’s Sleeve

9 09 2007

The Wizard’s Sleeve

Team Fight Song: “Brady” – BradyFan83

1. (2) Steven Jackson
2. (19) Willis McGahee
3. (22) Tom Brady
4. (39) Antonio Gates
5. (42) Javon Walker
6. (59) Braylon Edwards
7. (62) DeAngelo Williams
8. (79) Mark Clayton
9. (82) London Fletcher
10. (99) Miami
11. (102) Devery Henderson
12. (119) J.P. Losman
13. (122) Chris Hope
14. (139) Nate Kaeding
15. (142) Dallas Clark
16. (159) Jacksonville
17. (162) Antonio Pierce
18. (179) Chris Carr
19. (182) Drew Bennett
20. (199) Michael Vick

Top three picks are about as good as it gets – Brady/Jackson/McGahee should be enough to make a difference and win some games. I would’ve liked to see the fourth round pick go to a receiver instead of Gates. Because he waited until the fifth round to take a wideout, this team ended up with a pretty soft trio of pass catchers compared to some of the other teams in the league. J.P. Losman and Dallas Clark are two picks with some decent upside, and Drew Bennett could see some decent weeks too. Took a kicker a little too early. How long Vick stays on the roster is anyone’s guess. This team is playing me in week one, and I’m voting for them to beat me…the matchups are just not in my favor on Sunday.


fantasy draft recap: Stumblin’Bumblin’

9 09 2007


Team Fight Song: “Born to Run” – Bruce Springsteen

(“It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap…”)

1. (8) Reggie Bush
2. (13) Rudi Johnson
3. (28) Marc Bulger
4. (33) Anquan Boldin
5. (48) Tony Gonzalez
6. (53) Santana Moss
7. (68) Vincent Jackson
8. (73) Ahman Green
9. (88) San Diego
10. (93) DeMeco Ryans
11. (108) Matt Schaub
12. (113) Kevin Curtis
13. (128) Champ Bailey
14. (133) Robbie Gould
15. (148) Heath Miller
16. (153) Jason Taylor
17. (168) Chris Henry
18. (173) Richard Marshall
19. (188) Marty Booker
20. (193) Chad Pennington

Lots of strange picks here. Reggie Bush went slightly earlier than I expected (Addai/Westbrook were still available), even with the PPR scoring system. Made two excellent second and third round choices to get Bulger and Rudi Johnson. Receiver core of Moss/Boldin/Jackson/Curtis will be productive, but not difference-makers. The wheels on this draft start to fall apart beginning in round 10, instead of building more offensive depth the pick here went to the Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans. Four rounds later, kicker Robbie Gould gets taken. Ryans ended up being the first of four individual defensive players taken, a questionable move that I don’t see working out in this team’s favor. San Diego’s defense is a nice pickup, Ahman Green will surprise his doubters (I was hoping he’d drop to me at the end of round 8), and Chad Pennington will be benched for Kellen Clemens by the end of the year.

fantasy draft recap: Turktron3000

6 09 2007


Team Fight Song: “Randy” – BradyFan83

1. (4) Frank Gore
2. (17) Chad Johnson
3. (24) Maurice Jones-Drew
4. (37) Jon Kitna
5. (44) Randy Moss
6. (57) Adrian Peterson
7. (64) Darrell Jackson
8. (77) Baltimore
9. (84) Jay Cutler
10. (97) Jason Witten
11. (104) LenDale White
12. (117) Jerry Porter
13. (124) Keith Bulluck
14. (137) Ronde Barber
15. (144) Warrick Dunn
16. (157) Daunte Culpepper
17. (164) Brian Urlacher
18. (177) Charles Woodson
19. (184) Eric Johnson
20. (197) Anthony Gonzalez

Kitna turned the ball over a ton last year – sure he’s got a deep set of receivers to throw to, but no running back to open up his passing game. Moss will get better numbers this year, but probably not enough to make him a legit number two fantasy receiver – he’s just another cog in the system up in New England, not a primary option in the passing game. Gore will be great, but I’m projecting slightly lower numbers for MJD this year – I think it’s unlikely he’ll put up the same kind of touchdown numbers that had fantasy owners drooling over him in 2006. Peterson looks fantastic so far in preseason and is a great sleeper – although you can’t really be called a sleeper anymore once everyone knows who you are. Darrell Jackson, Cutler, and Witten are all good value picks. Very strong selections on defense, both the team and player player picks were stellar. It’s hard to say anything nice about the rest of the bench roster, but at least one of those guys will get dropped for a kicker. I love the not-drafting-a-kicker-at-all strategy, I will have to try that out next year.

fantasy draft recap: Roll Out!

6 09 2007

Roll Out!

Team Fight Song: “You’ll Always Be Houshmandzadeh To Me” – BradyFan83

(Skipping the 80’s theme for just a moment here…)

1. (3) Larry Johnson
2. (18) Reggie Wayne
3. (23) Cedric Benson
4. (38) T.J. Houshmandzadeh
5. (43) Matt Hasselbeck
6. (58) Deion Branch
7. (63) Todd Heap
8. (78) Donte’ Stallworth
9. (83) New England
10. (98) Tatum Bell
11. (103) Steve McNair
12. (118) Matt Jones
13. (123) Kirk Morrison
14. (138) Ladell Betts
15. (143) Rex Grossman
16. (158) Dominic Rhodes
17. (163) Sean Taylor
18. (178) Minnesota
19. (183) Ben Troupe
20. (198) Josh Scobee

How will LJ perform after a 400+ carry season, missing training camp, and running behind a weak offensive line? Will Hasselbeck be more productive now that a healthy Alexander is back to help open up Seattle’s passing game? These two question will determine fantasy success for this team. After some initial hype, it’s hard to find someone that’s excited about Cedric Benson taking over the starting role in Chicago, so this pick might backfire a bit. Nice work drafting Branch to complement Hasselbeck. Middle round picks (8-13) are all pretty low-impact. Betts in the 14th round will be a stone-cold steal of pick, as soon as Portis gets hurt. New England’s defense should take a step backwards this year with the loss of Richard Seymour and Rodney Harrison.

fantasy draft recap: Freak-a-Leak

6 09 2007


Team Fight Song: “Burning Down The House” – Talking Heads

(“Watch out. You might get what you’re after.”)

1. (7) Willie Parker
2. (14) Steve Smith
3. (27) Ronnie Brown
4. (34) Roy Williams
5. (47) Tony Romo
6. (54) Julius Jones
7. (67) Terry Glenn
8. (74) Chris Chambers
9. (87) Kevin Jones
10. (94) Matt Leinart
11. (107) Benjamin Watson
12. (114) Justin Miller
13. (127) Zach Thomas
14. (134) Seattle
15. (147) Marion Barber III
16. (154) Troy Williamson
17. (167) Fred Taylor
18. (174) Jeff Wilkins
19. (187) Desmond Clark
20. (194) James Farrior

Lots to be happy about here, especially if Romo has a breakout year and becomes a top-five fantasy QB, which is definitely possible in Wade Phillip’s new system. He’s looked very sharp so far in the preseason, which is a good sign. Good starting receivers, as long as Glenn’s knee injury isn’t too bad and keeps him from missing time. All the experts are expecting bigger things from Williamson in MInnesota, so he could see some time in the lineup if Glenn’s production drops. Willie Parker may also see his production drop slightly as well, as the Steeler’s o-line has not been all that great during the preseason. Barber and Julius Jones gives tons of depth and options at the RB spot. Seattle’s defense should also be better this year in terms of points allowed. Will have to be a bit creative in week eight to deal with five players that all have a bye week, including both QBs.

fantasy draft recap: Ham Sammich

6 09 2007

Ham Sammich

Team Theme Song: “Don’t Treat Me Bad” – Firehouse

(“Well, this could be the best thing that you’ll ever have..”)

1. (6) Shaun Alexander
2. (15) Travis Henry
3. (26) Drew Brees
4. (35) Donald Driver
5. (46) Andre Johnson
6. (55) Kellen Winslow
7. (66) Calvin Johnson
8. (75) LaMont Jordan
9. (86) Brett Favre
10. (95) Bernard Berrian
11. (106) Jerious Norwood
12. (115) Joe Horn
13. (126) Eli Manning
14. (135) L.J. Smith
15. (146) Chester Taylor
16. (155) Derrick Mason
17. (166) Will Witherspoon
18. (175) Antoine Winfield
19. (186) Neil Rackers
20. (195) San Francisco

I like this team a lot. Solid players at all positions. Alexander should rebound from a forgettable 2006 campaign and return to stud running back status. Travis Henry could easily run for 1500+ yards in Denver’s system. This team may also have the some of the best starting WRs if Calvin Johnson has a Randy Moss-type rookie season. The only thing that might derail this team would be any of the starters missing time with injuries. Berrian is an okay backup at WR and Chester Taylor is an okay backup at RB (until he loses his full-time job to Peterson), but the rest of the bench players should be pretty forgettable, fantasy-wise.

fantasy draft recap: The Rhymenocerouses

6 09 2007

The Rhymenocerouses

Team Theme Song – “Heading Out To The Highway” – Judas Priest

(“Gonna do it my way, take a chance before I fall.”)

1. (9) Joseph Addai
2. (12) Marvin Harrison
3. (29) Donovan McNabb
4. (32) Edgerrin James
5. (49) Jamal Lewis
6. (52) Reggie Brown
7. (69) Carnell Williams
8. (72) Terrence McGee
9. (89) Ben Roethlisberger
10. (92) Alge Crumpler
11. (109) Greg Jennings
12. (112) Muhsin Muhammad
13. (129) D.J. Hackett
14. (132) Donnie Edwards
15. (149) DeShaun Foster
16. (152) Oakland
17. (169) Isaac Bruce
18. (172) Brian Leonard
19. (189) Byron Leftwich
20. (192) David Akers

I fully expect to see a trade from this team to get more WR depth. Not sold on Reggie Brown as a number two fantasy option, he’s more of a top-end number three in my mind. Bruce is yet another year older, and will see red zone looks go to Drew Bennett instead. The good news is that there is a ton of solid picks at RB, pretty much all these backs could start and put up great numbers any given week. One or more of them might get dealt at some point. Cadillac Williams should have numbers that are more on par with his 2005 stats. McNabb should be solid as well if he can stay healthy, hopefully he’ll stay in the pocket and take care of himself.