fantasy draft recap: The Wizard’s Sleeve

9 09 2007

The Wizard’s Sleeve

Team Fight Song: “Brady” – BradyFan83

1. (2) Steven Jackson
2. (19) Willis McGahee
3. (22) Tom Brady
4. (39) Antonio Gates
5. (42) Javon Walker
6. (59) Braylon Edwards
7. (62) DeAngelo Williams
8. (79) Mark Clayton
9. (82) London Fletcher
10. (99) Miami
11. (102) Devery Henderson
12. (119) J.P. Losman
13. (122) Chris Hope
14. (139) Nate Kaeding
15. (142) Dallas Clark
16. (159) Jacksonville
17. (162) Antonio Pierce
18. (179) Chris Carr
19. (182) Drew Bennett
20. (199) Michael Vick

Top three picks are about as good as it gets – Brady/Jackson/McGahee should be enough to make a difference and win some games. I would’ve liked to see the fourth round pick go to a receiver instead of Gates. Because he waited until the fifth round to take a wideout, this team ended up with a pretty soft trio of pass catchers compared to some of the other teams in the league. J.P. Losman and Dallas Clark are two picks with some decent upside, and Drew Bennett could see some decent weeks too. Took a kicker a little too early. How long Vick stays on the roster is anyone’s guess. This team is playing me in week one, and I’m voting for them to beat me…the matchups are just not in my favor on Sunday.




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