fantasy draft recap: Turktron3000

6 09 2007


Team Fight Song: “Randy” – BradyFan83

1. (4) Frank Gore
2. (17) Chad Johnson
3. (24) Maurice Jones-Drew
4. (37) Jon Kitna
5. (44) Randy Moss
6. (57) Adrian Peterson
7. (64) Darrell Jackson
8. (77) Baltimore
9. (84) Jay Cutler
10. (97) Jason Witten
11. (104) LenDale White
12. (117) Jerry Porter
13. (124) Keith Bulluck
14. (137) Ronde Barber
15. (144) Warrick Dunn
16. (157) Daunte Culpepper
17. (164) Brian Urlacher
18. (177) Charles Woodson
19. (184) Eric Johnson
20. (197) Anthony Gonzalez

Kitna turned the ball over a ton last year – sure he’s got a deep set of receivers to throw to, but no running back to open up his passing game. Moss will get better numbers this year, but probably not enough to make him a legit number two fantasy receiver – he’s just another cog in the system up in New England, not a primary option in the passing game. Gore will be great, but I’m projecting slightly lower numbers for MJD this year – I think it’s unlikely he’ll put up the same kind of touchdown numbers that had fantasy owners drooling over him in 2006. Peterson looks fantastic so far in preseason and is a great sleeper – although you can’t really be called a sleeper anymore once everyone knows who you are. Darrell Jackson, Cutler, and Witten are all good value picks. Very strong selections on defense, both the team and player player picks were stellar. It’s hard to say anything nice about the rest of the bench roster, but at least one of those guys will get dropped for a kicker. I love the not-drafting-a-kicker-at-all strategy, I will have to try that out next year.




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