fantasy draft recap: MSK’s So Close Irish

6 09 2007

MSK’s So Close Irish

Team Theme Song: “We Are The Champions” – Queen

(“…and we’ll keep on fighting til’ the end.”)

1. (10) Brian Westbrook
2. (11) Laurence Maroney
3. (30) Torry Holt
4. (31) Larry Fitzgerald
5. (50) Vince Young
6. (51) Philip Rivers
7. (70) Joey Galloway
8. (71) Deuce McAllister
9. (90) Vernon Davis
10. (91) Chris Cooley
11. (110) Philadelphia
12. (111) Adam Vinatieri
13. (130) Mike Vrabel
14. (131) Terence Newman
15. (150) Ronald Curry
16. (151) Pittsburgh
17. (170) John Lynch
18. (171) Jeremiah Trotter
19. (190) Sammy Morris
20. (191) Josh Brown

Westbrook and Maroney were the bookend picks to close out the first round, but I would’ve liked to see at least one more back drafted in the late rounds to get more RB depth. Even though he made it through last season okay, Westy always seems to have the injury bug bite him at the worst possible time. Maroney’s never made it through a full-time season without being hurt, even in college. If those two go down, it’s a pretty big hit. It’ll be interesting to see if Rivers starts vs. Young, gives some week-to-week flexibility at the QB spot. Starting WRs are very, very good. Galloway could put up better numbers with the upgraded QB situation in Tampa. A better fourth receiver would be nice. Philly’s defense is a question-mark for me at this point – they could give up a ton of points, or they could be a lot better this season – but it’s too early to say. Trotter’s been cut already, so look for an addition to the DL spot via the free agent pool.




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