Bud Selig should quit, part deux

1 09 2007

Lost in the media buzz this week was this little gem, wherein Bud Selig has publicly endorsed Cecil Cooper as the new Astros manager.

This just strikes me as totally out of line.

Yes, it’s good to have diversity in hiring practices. But it’s completely unfair to the Astros to have pressure put on them from the commissioner’s office to hire a specific minority candidate when they should be focusing on hiring the best manager they can find, regardless of ethnicity.

Also, Cecil Cooper used to play for Bud Selig when he owned the Brewers. Can you say conflict of interest, Bud?

As the commissioner, Selig really should stay out of the day-to-day affairs of teams – it’s none of his business and cheapens the appearance of his office. Just another reason why he should resign as soon as possible, for the good of the game.

(See my previous post on why Bud should quit)




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