the bridge pedal pretty much sucked

16 08 2007

The very excellent has a full recap of the 2007 Providence Bridge Pedal, which was a total fiasco this year.

I was one of the many riders that got stuck in the Ross Island Bridge bottleneck, and ended up just barely missing the cutoff to finish the St. John’s and Broadway bridges. I probably could have just gone out and finished the ride on my own without the organizers support, but there were just too many negative vibes swirling around after dealing with the chaos all morning.

Next year they’d better do some of the following:

  • cap the registration total
  • open more lanes on the bridges
  • have managed loops on some of the smaller bridges (Sellwood, Ross Island, Hawthorne, and Steel could most benefit from these)
  • extend the event hours

For my part, I’ll make sure to start as early as possible next year and race to beat the bottlenecks.




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