9 08 2007

I don’t get this.

Johnson & Johnson began using the red cross design as a trademark in 1887 — six years after the creation of the American Red Cross but before it received its congressional charter in 1900. The lawsuit contends that the charter did not empower the Red Cross to engage in commercial activities competing with a private business.

So J&J waited, oh, 107 years to file a lawsuit? Aren’t we a little late to the party here?

Johnson & Johnson Logo International Red Cross Logo

And really, who gets these two logos confused?

One is clearly an international nonprofit organization that helps people in their time of need, and the other is clearly a money-grubbing, litigious, evil corporation.

This is possibly this stupidest lawsuit since this one.




One response

9 08 2007

Johnson & Johnson have undertaken a greed inspired course of action that is an attack on worldwide humanitarian efforts and American national security. That makes them traitors and the enemy of America. It’s tantamount to an act of economic terrorism.

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