Ron Paul makes the most of his 30 seconds

7 08 2007

The most telling part of this video from yesterday’s Republican debate isn’t Dr. Paul’s approach to Iraq and foreign policy, but Mitt Romney’s “have you forgotten about 9/11?” outburst about halfway through.

Mitt, Iraq didn’t attack us on 9/11. They never had weapons of mass destruction. We didn’t let the inspectors do their job, and went to war under a lie.

It’s time to admit that lie, apologize for it, and get out of this quagmire. The only people that can save Iraq are the Iraqis, and it’s about time we let them stand on their feet and have their country back.

The Republican field, with the exception of Dr. Paul, just can not let go of this utterly failed Iraq misadventure. Until they own up to the mistakes of this administration and divorce themselves from those mistakes, they simply will not win this election.




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